Soroptimist International of Noyo Sunrise

'fourth' of july Craft Fair


sat/sun * July 6-7 2024


Attention friends and neighbors!

You are invited to a special indoor craft fair at Town Hall, in the heart of downtown Ft Bragg on the third weekend of July 6-7, 2024. This is the weekend ON OR BEFORE the 4th -- a VERY big weekend in Fort Bragg and the temperature is perfect! Becaise....

This is the weekend of 
the World's Largest Salmon BBQ!!
and Fireworks at night

Crafts will vary from jams and jellies, to knick knacks, pottery, iron works, puzzles, jewelry, steam punk, and more!

Why is this weekend so special? Cool summers! Good location! Town Hall is in the Central Business District; central to shopping, public bathrooms, many dining opportunities, tattoo parlor, canabis dispensaries. Next door to the Town Hall is the Skunk Train running trips daily, both with handcars and the train.

Our town puts on the
World's Biggest Salmon BBQ all day
and fireworks on Saturday night.

The World Largest Salmon BBQ

cooking salmon at the worlds largest salmon bbqThe World Largest Salmon BBQ is held each year on the first Saturday in July.

All proceeds are used to improve salmon populations on the Northern California coast. Click to see Projects that have been funded by the Salmon Restoration Association.

The BBQ is scheduled for Saturday, July 6th  from 11:00am to 6:00pm.  Eating is only one part of the festivities, there’s also live music throughout the day to keep things lively, and then there’s people watching and just having fun with family and friends.


How to participate in the Craft Fair:

1. Download the application (pdf fill-in

2. Pay with any Credit Card on Paypal: Push button below
(or send a check with the application) 

Start by  ordering 1 craft booth below, push "add to cart".
On paypal site you can click "continue shopping"
and that will bring you back to this page to order more space.