These are pictures of the

2006 Mystery dinner, entitled:

"Murder at Castle Austentashus", or

"Who Put the Prince In His Place?"

Starring Soroptimists and Friends... all women cast!

Marli Shoop as Goldie Degre (the teacher from Little Boxes Ca./"Every Child Left Behind School")

Marianne Benavidez, as Lacey Vale, the optimistic insistent Wedding Planner

Tess Albin-Smith, as Jade D. Luver, the little rich girl from Austentexashire

Brenda Howard as Sparkle Ann Shyne, the Airline hostess with an self-preservation agenda

Darlene Jeffries/Jeanie Kinney as Clair and Presindanger, a black widow in search of true love.

Darlene Dean as  Destiny Wilbemyne, a singer who can bring dogs running from everywhere

Martha Bouquin/ as Mary Mee, an interior decorator bent on four kids and a tract-house castle

Shirley Paoli as Wanda Wedham, a royal-blooded snob with a big gun

Doug Albin as Sawyer Trueself, special attache to the Prince and story narrator